What is Kosher?
In a nutshell, the observance of Kosher standards consists of adhering to a set of rules pertaining to the preparation and consumption of food. There are many levels of Kosher observance. Some Kosher rules are observed with great stringency by some, while others exclude them altogether.

The basic rules include having a separate sink and dish set for dairy and meat foods. Some foods such as pork are not permitted altogether. In addition, meats from Kosher animals that weren't slaughtered in accordance with Jewish law are also not Kosher. Most observing families will only consider a food Kosher if it has a Kosher symbol on its packaging, such as an OU or an OK.

For a full list of Kosher symbols:

For an expanded introduction to Kosher:

How do I know that a guest will observe Kosher in my home?
Axanya provides numerous tools for hosts to determine on their own whether a guest meets their expectation of Kosher observance, or whether they can trust the guest to adhere to the Kosher standards they set forth, or to not use a designated area of their space altogether. Among these tools is the ability to see the guests mutual Facebook friends as well as to see and contact their personal references.

The same is true for guests. It is the guests and hosts judgement alone that will qualify the Kosher eligibility of a listing.

When it is relevant, we encourage host and guest to discuss their standards and concerns in the pre-booking communications.

Axanya does not guarantee that guests observe Kosher rules, or that hosts observes them at home. Nor does Axanya accept responsibility for any financial losses incurred for any reason related to Kosher observance, nor for any other cause.