About Us

We are two Jewish brothers from Brooklyn, NY who come from a large family of seven siblings. Our parents immigrated from Israel in 1989 and our father who loved travel, made family trips to unusual places a big part of our lives. Major preparation for these trips was often needed as Jewish or kosher establishments were not always easy to find! Too much time was spent ‘scavenging’ for quality kosher food and an appropriate place for spending Shabbat.

Our father’s love for travel led him to signing us up for travel agent certificate courses, thus we ended up spending a good few months during our teenage years studying ship decks, airplanes and travel destinations. Just a few months later, still young and adventurous, we drove to Indiana for training in the car rental business and within a few years became involved in inn design and management. We grew up in the Chabad Community and were privileged to travel around the world on a variety of Chabad missions. Having experienced places like the Caribbean, Russia, Japan and Africa, we have come to appreciate how one can live and travel while accommodating Jewish needs.

Our combined experiences sparked a desire in us to do something special and unique in the travel business. A two week road trip through Spain and Morocco turned out to be a very memorable and ‘eye-opening,’ or rather a ‘heart-opening’ experience. En route, we decided to spend Shabbat in Gibraltar, and since we had not made any prior arrangements, did not know what to expect. To our great surprise, the community was so welcoming and accommodating that this became the highlight of our trip. We realized in that moment what was needed to make a simple trip into a phenomenal one.

On a train ride from Tangier to Casablanca we resolved that we would make it our business to improve travel experiences for the Jewish community. We decided that we would find ways to help people access the things that were important to them like kosher, mikvah etc. on their travels. We realized that by opening their hearts and doors to fellow travelers, members of the Jewish community could help make Jewish travel experience what it should be - a pleasure!

We invite you to join us on our journey, and to share your experiences with us as we expand our endeavors, so that you too, may expand yours!

 May you travel in joy!

David and Menachem
axanya Co-Founders 

contact us at: axanyaweb@gmail.com